Safeguarding students around the world, around the clock

Guardianship is a service Gateway Education offers which involves safeguarding students while they are abroad for extended periods of study. It is vitally important that young students have an appointed and trusted guardian to ensure their academic, pastoral and welfare needs are supported and catered for. This is what the Gateway Guardianship package does.

What does the Guardianship Package include?

There are 3 main parts to the service: Counselling; Welfare and Practical assistance; Academic Support. Here is a breakdown of the items included within each service.

– Advice and assistance on school selection

– Own-language guardians who mentor and support the student

– Support with visa applications and extensions

– On-line induction from point of registration

– Face-to-face induction on arrival

– Help with booking extra services e.g tutoring, activity camps, trips and tours

Welfare and Practical assistance

– Meet and greet services upon arrival

– Assistance with all travel arrangements

– Registration with police, the health service, banks and other official bodies

– Helping the student to manage their finances

– 24 hour emergency response team

Academic support

– Representing the student’s academic interests

– Attending all parent’s evenings

– Regular feedback to parents on both academic progress and pastoral matters

– School visits to meet with the student at least once every 2 weeks

– Assistance with school transfers (if required)

How do I know that Gateway is a responsible and professional guardianship company?

Gateway Education has over 10 years experience in international school placements and guardianship services. We select our schools very carefully to ensure they are able to give students the best opportunities possible according to their academic goals and future career aspirations.